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Memory of Sylwester Olszewski

Rally driver

1980 - 2011


This Web site is dedicated to our friend Sylwek, who died a premature violent death. We want to show what sort of person he was, what he meant to us and how big was his rally passion. We want to share the memory about him that it remains not only in our hearts.


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Sylwek died but his wonderful wife Ewa and beloved daughter Maja are with us. Today we have to take care about them and give them our support, also financial support. So under the auspices of wife Ewa and friend Karol we opened special bank account, where we want to collect money for Sylwek's family. We would like to ask everybody for support and thank you for your help.

Name of bank - Bank Millenium S.A.
Ewa Olszewska
PL 82 1160 2202 0000 0001 8434 4433
Ziel: "dla S.P.† Sylwka"

Ewa Olszewska
Plac Uniwersytecki 7 m. 10
50-137 Wrocław

Charity event

22.05.2011 r. (new data!) gonna be hold charity event for Sylwek familly. More details

Contact Niskie Ł±ki - – tel +48 606 852 746.

Fans remember!

More photos and video. Thanks!

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